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Crassula ovata " Kapiti Sunset "


It's been called the world’s sexiest fruit and it’s a darling of chefs, yet you may never have heard of it.

So brace yourself for the taste of yuzu, a rare and divine citrus fruit from Japan grown in New Zealand by Neville Chun and his Family from Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

It tastes like a cross between a lemon, mandarin and grapefruit and is finally being accepted into Western cuisine, where it is being used to flavour everything from beer and chewing gum to vinegar and cocktails.

It is widely stocked in Asian food.

‘Yuzu' looks like a tangerine and tastes similar to a floral lime.

Micquel Gr0en Plant Export is a family business.
Exporting  since 2004 and garden plants in the UK.

Micquel Groen Plantenexport is a family owned and operated company that  has delivered a quality range of indoor and outdoor plants to the UK for the last 10 years.

Micquel Groen Plantenexport's attention is focused on exceptional quality and service at a fair price to you, the customer. We operate a van-sales service, but you are also welcome to place orders to us directly. We offer a comprehensive assortment of garden and houseplants, and are able to supply any advice on stock that you may need to support your sales.

Each week our experienced buyers make their selections from both the auction and carefully selected growers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. These are then loaded onto our fleet of lorries, and our sales reps deliver them to your door. You may then make your choices from a wide range of seasonal stock, as well from the same quality core range we carry each week.

A successful bonsai business located in Wellington, New Zealand.

Website launched 1st March 2015.

Norwood Printing & Merchandising Services


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The Bookshelf - Waikanae

An absolute gem of a bookshop with a wonderful group of people.

Check it out if you ever visit Waikanae.

ABLAZAJADE proudly supports local business in Waikanae.